A Budget that does nothing for Barnsley

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle and Barnsley News and Sport, Stephanie has condemned the budget as a plan that does nothing to address the key issues facing people in Barnsley.

Despite the Chancellor announcing a number of policies, Ms Peacock (pictured) suggests these ignore the needs of people Barnsley and fall way short of what is needed.

She said: “This budget does nothing to address the real issues affecting people here in Barnsley.

“It fails to tackle the huge challenges facing our social care system, and the £2.8bn offered to the NHS falls way below the £4bn it desperately needs.

“The Chancellor did not even mention policing – despite the massive cuts to our local force and increased crime rates in the area, or the public sector pay cap which has caused a real terms pay cut for so many hard-working nurses, firefighters, police officers and other public sector workers here in Barnsley.

“Hard-working people here in Barnsley needed a budget that tackled the effects of nearly a decade of Tory-imposed austerity, but the Government instead offered paltry solutions that fall woefully short of what’s needed.”