Visit to Worsbrough Library

It was a pleasure to stop by Worsbrough Library recently and meet people from a number of community groups. I was joined by a range of groups including the Dove Valley Events Team, who organise community events in Worsbrough; the History Group, who run their own Worsbrough-based local history group; the SSAFFA team, who help former armed service personnel who have recently left the forces; and the Poppin group who use the library for social activities. It was great to meet the various community groups, have a chat about their work, and not to mention sample the amazing cake!

Police should be given resources

This is my column in the Barnsley Chronicle on 11th August, calling for more resources for the police to help make our communities safe. "One of the best things about being a newly elected MP is the sheer number of different community groups and events that you’re invited to, and the chance to speak to so many people about the local issues that matter to them. Of course, there are a huge range of different issues and problems that people raise and that I do my best to tackle. But one concerning issue has begun to crop up more frequently than the others, even since the election, and that is crime. Relentless cuts to police budgets are pressing our local forces to do ever more with ever less. Figures released by South Yorkshire Police show they have had to cut front-line officer numbers by nearly 18 per cent since 2010. When people think there are fewer police on Barnsley’s streets, they have good reason. And yet this is at a time when crime appears to be on the rise. In February, there were 2584 crimes committed in Barnsley, a figure that rose by 207 crimes to 2791 in March – an increase of 8 per cent. This trend is replicated across the region, with South Yorkshire Police forced to tackle 16,732 crimes in February, but 18,348 in March – a rise in the crime rate of 9.7 per cent. Clearly, these cuts are unsustainable, and have placed a real strain on the ability of our local police force to keep us feeling safe and secure. That’s why the first Question I asked in the House of Commons was to demand the Government gave us an urgent debate on police resources, and I have tabled further written questions revealing the true extent of the problems caused by the Tories’ police cuts. And it’s why I recently met with South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings to discuss how we can work together to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour across Barnsley’s neighbourhoods, towns and villages. People should be able to feel safe in their community and homes, free from the threat of crime. A strong presence of officers on our streets is essential to this. So it’s about time the Government gave our local police the resources they desperately need. The police protect us. We should protect them."  

Leeds Pride

On Sunday I attended the Pride event in Leeds. Pride is an incredible event that celebrates the LGBT+ community but also seeks to raise awareness of the issues people still face. This year marks the 50th anniversary since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, and so much progress has been made in this time. But LGBT+ people are still subject to prejudice and discrimination in so many forms. Pride is an occasion to bring everyone together and fight for true equality for LGBT+ people, and I’m proud to stand in solidarity them.  

Visit to Barnsley Foodbank

I visited a food bank in Wombwell today to find out about the work they do in providing emergency food for those who are struggling. The food bank does an incredible job and is kept running by dedicated and hard-working volunteers who give up their time to help out others. But in this day and age it is completely unacceptable that people have to rely on food banks for access to food. In fact, the number of people dependent on the emergency food packages is rising, with an increase of 7 per cent across the country since last year. This included 436,000 emergency food supplies that were given to children between April 2016 and March 2017. In Barnsley alone, there are 6000 children who receive free school meals. But once schools break up for the holidays, the children no longer have access to these meals and experience ‘holiday hunger’, meaning many of them will be forced to visit a food bank. For too long the Government has attempted to balance the books on the backs of the poorest and forced too many to be reliant on food banks. Despite the outstanding work done by Wombwell food bank and others like it across the country, I’ll be fighting hard for those forced into food poverty by this Tory Government.  

Maiden Speech

I was privileged to give my maiden speech in the House of Commons on 12th July. Continue reading

Our rich history of music

A few weekends ago I had my first experience of the annual Live in Barnsley music festival. It's a fantastic event that draws a huge number of fans and visitors to the area, and this year a record number of over 7000 people turned out in the sun to watch the huge number of musicians on offer. Continue reading


Today I attended a Westminster Hall debate on the issue of state pension inequality for women born in the 1950s. Continue reading

My pledge to tackle loneliness

On 29th June I met with the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness and made a pledge to tackle loneliness in Barnsley East. Continue reading

School visit to Parliament

Last Wednesday I met with students from Netherwood Academy, who were visiting Parliament as part of their upcoming Citizenship studies. Continue reading

All Saints Academy 1940's Summer Fayre

I attended All Saints Academy School Fayre in Darfield on Friday. Continue reading