Speaking to The Today programme on Brexit

Ahead of Labour's conference vote on our Brexit position, I spoke to The Today programme about why the Labour Party should listen to towns like Barnsley and honour the referendum result.You can listen to this here.

Meeting with residents on Grove Street in Worsbrough

I met with residents in Worsbrough this week who are understandably concerned about the disruption, noise and mess which has been caused by the removal of trees and wildlife. I am liaising with the Council and have called for the landowner who is carrying out the work to clear up this mess and ensure consideration is shown towards residents who have lived on Grove Street for decades.

Joining the Barnsley climate change rally

It was a pleasure to join the Climate Change rally in Barnsley Town centre recently - in solidarity with people across the world demanding action on the single biggest challenge facing humanity today. https://www.stephaniepeacock.org.uk/column_green_industrial_revolution

Walk about surgery in Rockingham

It was a lovely sunny evening for my recent walk about surgery in Rockingham with local councillors.If you’ve got any issues you need help with just get in touch.

Writing to the Government on sentences for causing death by dangerous driving

Following last Sunday’s moving memorial to Jackie Wileman, I’ve written to the Government to ask that they include a bill in the Queen’s Speech to raise the maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving to life.Watch Look North coverage of Sunday’s memorial and our campaign here.

Taking part in a police patrol

I took part in a police patrol to support Operation Sceptre – South Yorkshire Police’s initiative to tackle knife crime which was undertaken as part of a series of events taking place this week across the country. Knife crime is a major problem, and young people in particular are affected by this blight on our society which urgently needs tackling. Joining our dedicated police officers out on the beat was a great opportunity to see first-hand the practical, hands on work our local police services are doing across Barnsley. Despite unprecedented cuts to community policing and police resources under the Tories, including the loss of over 20,000 officers from our streets, initiatives like this show South Yorkshire Police are continuing to do everything they can to keep our community safe.

Remembering Jackie Wileman

It was a privilege to join Johnny and Jill Wood and Ryan Wileman in Brierley to remember Jackie Wileman who tragically lost her life a year ago. Her death devastated the whole community and her family and friends came together today to walk the route she used to each day. The family have shown huge courage campaigning for justice for Jackie. We will keep on pushing for a change in the law so those who cause death by dangerous driving can be given a life sentence, alongside pressing for a probation service fit for purpose.

Station Road bus stops update

Residents in Worsbrough have raised concerns about the location of bus stops on Station Road, which has led to increased congestion and speeding. Traffic, air pollution and buses were raised with me both by constituents contacting my office and at my residents’ drop-in in Worsbrough.   I have written to the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive who have agreed to arrange a site visit to look at the location of the bus stop. Last week I met with Stagecoach Yorkshire, the main bus company operating routes through Worsbrough, to share these concerns and ask them to look at timing points so buses aren’t waiting for lengths of times adding to the traffic problems.   Following our meeting, I will be following up on these issues with Stagecoach and the Passenger Transport Executive to see what more can be done to address residents’ concerns.

Great Houghton bus services update

I met with Stagecoach Yorkshire to outline my disappointment at their decision to proceed with changes to the 219/219a bus service in Great Houghton despite widespread opposition from residents.These changes have left many residents with no direct bus link to Doncaster. This is completely unacceptable, and I made that clear to Stagecoach in our meeting.I remain concerned at the lack of transparency in the Stagecoach consultation on these changes, and have asked them yet again to publish the full consultation responses as soon as possible.Bus services are so important to so many people in our communities. They provide a crucial outlet for people to get to appointments, to see friends and family, or to get to the shops. I remain incredibly disappointed that these changes have been made, but I will continue to push for improvements so that my constituents have access to the best possible bus services here in Barnsley.

Attending the National Citizen Service grad evening

It was wonderful to be at the National Citizen Service​ grad evening.Celebrating all the hard work of everyone who has taken part in the scheme this summer from adventure training to social action projects in the community.