Column: social mobility

The following appeared as my column in the Barnsley Chronicle on 10th May:Social mobility is something I’ve spoken about several times in my column in the past. And I make no apologies for doing so again. Because I passionately believe that people’s ability to get on in life should not be determined by the postcode they were born in. It’s simply not fair that people born in our town do not receive the same chances and opportunities in life as those born elsewhere. Just because someone has lived their whole life in Worsbrough rather than Windsor should not mean they will live around a decade shorter. Just because a child is born in Cudworth rather than Chelsea should not mean they are five times less likely to go on to university. Just because someone grows up in Barnsley rather than Buckinghamshire, should not mean they have a one-in-four chance of growing up in poverty. And yet, this is the case. Just last week I was fortunate to meet the new principal of Barnsley College, Mr Koursis. We spoke about the students there, and the belief that many of them have that their aspirations are limited. No child should be limited in their aspirations of what they can accomplish, and I was delighted to hear Mr Koursis’ plans to tackle those attitudes and inspire learners. But it’s no wonder people feel like that. In their recent report, the Social Mobility Commission stated inequality is fully entrenched from birth in places like Barnsley. For instance, if you’re born better off you’re 80 percent more likely to end up in a professional job than someone from a working class background. And those from disadvantaged backgrounds who do land those jobs will still earn significantly less. I don’t think any of this will be news to people in Barnsley. Nor, I’m sure, will the Commission’s conclusion: that the Government needs to take urgent action. That means investment in our schools to give children here the best possible start from birth. In our economy, so people aren’t stuck for life in low-paid, insecure jobs with no prospect of development. And in our healthcare system, where world-class care can be given from cradle to grave.  So that’s why I’ll keep banging the drum for Barnsley and fighting until the opportunities for people here at the very least match those elsewhere.

Visiting Upperwood Primary Academy

I really enjoyed my visit to Upperwood Primary Academy in Darfield.It was lovely to meet with the Principal, Mr Budd, and meet staff and students on my walk round the school.

Challenging the Government on the mental health crisis in our police services

One in every five police personnel are suffering from symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a new survey.The Government must urgently address this growing mental health crisis in our police services.Read more here and watch my comments in Parliament here.

Attending the Ritchie Taylor Day

I recently popped into the Ritchie Taylor day at Darfield Cricket Club.​

Meeting the new Principal of Barnsley College

I had an interesting meeting with Yiannis Koursis, the new Principal of Barnsley College​.We touched on a range of issues and Yiannis’ plans for the College – I'm looking forward to working closely with him.

Attending the Tour de Yorkshire

I had a fantastic morning at the start of the Tour de Yorkshire in Barnsley.

Challenging the Government on charges for rape

Survivors of rape shouldn’t be forced to choose between privacy and justice.You can watch my comments on this in Parliament here.

Questioning the Government on Institutes of Technology

With their announcement on Institutes of Technology, once again this Government demonstrates their neglect of people looking to get on in life in the North.You can watch my comments in Parliament here.

Completing the London Marathon

What a tough but brilliant day! I completed the London Marathon for Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Services. Watch me reaction here, and you can donate here.

The London marathon

Tomorrow I will be taking part in the London marathon for the fantastic Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Services.You can donate to this important cause here, and listen to me talk to Radio Sheffield about my first marathon here.