Fighting to keep the ban on fox hunting

A conversation I frequently have on the doorsteps of Barnsley East concerns the topic of fox hunting. Continue reading

A better deal for our pensioners

    If elected as your MP for Barnsley East, I'll fight for a better deal for our pensioners.   The Tories launched an assault on pensions in their election manifesto, and revealed their plans to break previous pension promises that could hit over 17,000 elderly people in Barnsley East. Continue reading

making our communities and homes safe and secure

People naturally want to feel safe and secure in their homes and when they're out and about in the area, and our local police forces are vital to this. But frequently I'm hearing concerns that Government cuts to our police services are making it harder and harder for the police to tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour. Continue reading

Our schools deserve better

Today I was joined in Barnsley East by Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner. She joined me to help highlight the bad deal schools and children in Barnsley East are getting as a result of the Government's mismanagement of the education system. Continue reading

Oaks Memorial Ceremony

It was an honour to attend an event to mark the 1866 Oaks mining disaster today. A statue was unveiled to commemorate the worst mining disaster in England. 361 men and boys were killed in a series of explosions at the colliery. Continue reading

Standing up for our NHS

It was great to meet with the chair of Barnsley Hospitals Trust this week. The state of the NHS has been brought up by lots of people on the doorstep. Barnsley has a wonderful hospital but the doctors and nurses there are stretched to the limit with reduced budgets and stretched staffing levels. If elected, I will fight for properly funded public services including for our NHS and a care service that looks after our elderly when they most need it.