Hoyland Post Office

Following recent uncertainty over Hoyland post office, I’ve been touch with The Post Office to find out what’s happening with this important local service.Disappointingly, they have confirmed to me today that the current office will be closing, but have assured me that they are working with local businesses in looking for a new base for a post office in Hoyland.I know just how vital local post offices are to our communities here in Barnsley, and I’ll continue to press this issue to ensure that an appropriate alternative is found and these services are maintained in Hoyland.

Questioning the Government on support for veterans

Today I asked the Government to publish the figures on where money is spent on support services for veterans. It’s important to know which areas are receiving vital funds to ensure people in Barnsley who have served their country are given the support they deserve.You can watch my comments in Parliament here.

Calling for a fairer deal for ex-miners

The Government has taken billions from the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme without paying a single penny in.The scheme must be amended to give more money to retired miners.You can watch my comments on this in Parliament here.

Visiting Elsecar Holy Trinity Primary

It was good to visit Elsecar Holy Trinity Primary.Great to meet with headteacher Mr Silverwood and chat to teachers and students.

Attending the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership celebration event

I had a lovely evening at the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership celebration event in Elsecar - it was great to hear about all the different projects and volunteers working to preserve our environment and industrial heritage over the last five years.Find out more here.

Taking part in the parliamentary tug of war

I had lots of fun taking part in the Parliamentary tug of war in memory of Jo Cox and for a very good cause, Macmillan Cancer Support.​

Questioning the Government on the minimum wage

I recently questioned the Government on their decision to end the public naming and shaming of exploitative employers who don’t pay the minimum wage.It's unacceptable that the Tories want to let rogue bosses off the hook at the expense of working people.You can watch my comments in Parliament here.

Column: Bus Services

The following appeared as my column in the Barnsley Chronicle on 7th June:  Buses are a lifeline for so many people in communities like ours, and changes to services can have a huge impact on residents’ lives. Last year, I ran a survey on the proposed cancellation of a bus route in Barnsley.The responses I received from many of my constituents demonstrated just how vital local bus services are.One person, for example, told me that their only option if the route was cancelled would be using taxis, which would be too expensive to get to their hospital appointments.Another described how they would have to walk the several miles home from work in the dark, on their knee replacement.And they won’t be the only ones who would struggle, because bus services vital in areas like Barnsley.But sadly, cuts to bus routes are becoming all too common an occurrence, and I’m now working to save another bus route in my constituency.Stagecoach’s proposed changes to the 219/219a bus service would leave many residents in Great Houghton with a significantly reduced service, and no direct bus link to Doncaster.Time and time again, privatised bus companies put their own profits before the passengers who depend on their services on a day-to-day basis.Since 2010, 3,000 bus routes have been cut across the country, and bus companies have made £3.3 billion in profit.In the same period, fares have risen more than three times faster than wages, forcing passengers to pay more for less.Bus services here in Barnsley are particularly important to the elderly and those who can’t drive, and are often the only means some people have for visiting the shops, getting to medical appointments, or paying bills, which many elderly people still do in person rather than online.That’s why I’m pleased to see Labour promising that we would spend £1.3 billion a year on reversing cuts to bus routes, and funding the creation of new ones, as well as giving local authorities the power to bring bus services back into public ownership.And that’s why I’m calling on the Government, Stagecoach and other bus companies to follow my Party’s lead, and prioritise passengers over corporate profit.

D-Day 75th Anniversary

On the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings, we remember the sacrifices made by those troops who showed unmatched bravery and heroism on those beaches in Normandy. We will never forget them. 

Visiting the BFAWU learning centre

Today I visited the new BFAWU learning centre at the Miners’ Offices in the town centre.They offer free fully funded courses in subjects from Maths and English to IT and mental health awareness.The courses are available to union members and non-members.If you are interested in finding out more you can contact Lisa on 01226 770299 or visit data2day.co.uk