Column: our economic recovery from COVID-19

The following appeared as my column in the Barnsley Chronicle on 12th June:

Over the last twenty years the decline in heavy industry and manufacturing has hit areas like ours, which were built around glassworks, steelworkers and coalpits, hard. The most recent economic crisis, brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak, has had a devastating impact on our local businesses and industries.

But, recent research has shown that its areas like Barnsley, where manufacturing remains a key industry, that could lead our country’s economic recovery. The challenge facing our national economy is huge but high-growth industries, like manufacturing, could be the solution. The UK’s manufacturing industry has been neglected in recent years in favour of a service-based economy.

More investment in British manufacturing will help re-balance our national economy, redistributing economic power from the South to regions like ours, as well as helping domestic manufacturers compete globally.

Manufacturing accounts for less than 10% of the UK economy, but with financial assistance from the Government this could be boosted to 15%. We already produce world-class goods, including industry-leading British steel, they just need help reaching global markets.

Since being elected I have been vocal in my calls for the Government to invest in our local businesses and economy. They urgently need financial assistance so that they can survive to help our economy bounce-back from this crisis.

Over the last ten years our area has suffered from chronic underfunding. Indeed, Barnsley Council has had some of the worst funding cuts in the country, having to reduce its spending by 40%. This has had an impact on the local services we rely on, from adult social care to maintenance of roads and local bus services.

If areas like ours are to play a central part in the UK’s economic recovery from Covid-19 we need investment in local infrastructure, affordable and modern transport services and education. With more funding local schools and colleges, including our excellent Barnsley College, can help close the regional skills gap. A more skilled workforce increases productivity and helps local businesses adapt to changing global markets and technologies.

The Conservatives promised at the last election that they would ‘level up’ investment across the country. We already have ambitious local businesses and a hardworking workforce. We just need support from this Government so our manufacturing industry can grow.

Last month I spoke in the Virtual Parliament, pressing the Government to outline its plans to help Barnsley recover from the economic impact of Coronavirus. I will continue to push for investment in local businesses and services. With more investment unemployment and inequality will fall. This Government needs to wake up and realise the potential of areas like ours.