Speaking to Politics North about industrial diseases and death certification changes

During the pandemic, the Government has relaxed rules on death certification. This has left many ex-miners worried that industrial diseases won’t be recorded if they pass away, leaving their families unable to claim the compensation they are entitled to. Watch my comments on Politics North here.

Supporting students

Tens of thousands of students are being forced to pay for accommodation they cannot legally access, while many big accommodation providers are refusing requests for discounts and refunds. I have written to the Competition and Markets Authority asking them to look into this issue and to support students who are being left behind by their providers.

Writing to the Health Secretary on industrial diseases and death certification

Alongside Labour colleagues and the NUM, I’ve written to Matt Hancock about changes to death certification in the pandemic, which have left miners' families worried about being entitled to compensation for death caused by industrial diseases from working down the pit.

Breast cancer screenings

Thousands of women are waiting for breast cancer screenings here in Barnsley.I will keep campaigning for the Govt. to outline its Cancer Recovery Plan, to deal with the screening backlog & get services on track.Cancer shouldn’t become the forgotten ‘C’ during this pandemic.Read more here.

Letter to ASOS

Following the news that ASOS has had record-breaking profits during COVID-19 lockdown, I've written to its CEO, Nick Beighton.Without its warehouse workers here in Grimethorpe, these profits would never have happened.ASOS should give them a share. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54535775

Industrial diseases update

Families of miners who suffered from industrial diseases are losing out on compensation due to a relaxation of rules on COVID-19 death certificates. I’m organising a cross-party meeting, along with other MPs, to meet Ministers and ask them to look again at guidance. Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-52820499

Death certification and industrial diseases

Grieving families of miners who suffered from industrial diseases are losing out on compensation because of a relaxation of rules on COVID-19 death certificates. I have been pushing the Government over the last few months to change their guidance on this.For advice on a specific case, contact the NUM on 01226 215555.

Speaking to Radio Sheffield on COVID-19 at meat processing plants

I spoke on BBC Radio Sheffield about the spike in COVID-19 cases at meat processing plants across the county.This includes the Cranswick Country Foods factory in Wombwell where 3 workers sadly died.The Government urgently needs to take action to protect workers’ health.Listen to part of my comments here.

Calling on the Government to protect airline industry jobs

The treatment of British Airways workers during COVID-19 has been shameful.I've signed Unite's letter to the Government calling for better protections for UK airline industry jobs.BA needs to stop exploiting this crisis and halt its opportunistic fire and re-hire process.

Writing to Cranswick foods

Reports of new cases of COVID-19 at Cranswick foods is deeply concerning.I have written a letter with John Healey MP to the CEO asking for a review of health and safety policies and for the Wombwell site to be closed and deep-cleaned.My thoughts go out to the loved ones of the workers who have lost their lives to COVID-19 as well as those who are currently unwell.If you work at the site and have concerns please get in touch with my office: [email protected]