Letter to the Government calling for more funding for local councils

Alongside nearly a hundred other MPs, I've signed this letter calling for the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to give local councils more funding so they can send important updates on Coronavirus to residents.

Letter to the Government asking for support for local media

Local and regional papers like the Barnsley Chronicle and Yorkshire Post are so often at the heart of our communities - they cover stories others don’t, keep us connected, and ensure local voices are heard.Now more than ever, they need our support - I’m proud to add my name to this letter.

Tackling fake news on coronavirus

Important update from Hope not Hate on fake news and Covid-19.Before recess, I asked a question in Parliament on what is being done to tackle misinformation on the coronavirus outbreak.We need action now to stop the spread of fake info that stirs up hate and could endanger lives.   https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2020/04/01/no-the-mosques-arent-open/

Open letter calling on ASOS to close

It’s a disgrace ASOS have not closed their warehouse - insisting their workers come in without social distancing.Workers have reported to me that extra staff are being brought in tomorrow to deal with the irresponsible weekend sale.Their CEO should be ashamed.Sign the open letter calling on them to close here.

Calling on ASOS to close

It is disgraceful that ASOS has not closed its warehouse to look after the welfare of its workers.It shouldn't matter if you're a CEO or warehouse worker, you deserve to be protected from Coronavirus.Read more in the Huffington Post here.

Support for self-employed workers

The Government’s financial support package for our country's 5 million self-employed workers is welcome news.But, it's the first step to helping workers and business owners deal with the COVID-19 crisis.Many are already suffering due to a huge drop in demand.They need funds now. For more information, click here.

Letter to the Government on protecting warehouse workers

Retail companies like ASOS are using confusion over 'key worker' status to put profits before their workers' health.I'll keep pushing the Government to change its guidance so warehouse workers are given the same protections as office staff.https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/health/coronavirus/16-yorkshire-mps-call-government-clarify-key-worker-status-regions-employees-continue-work-2518322

Letter to the ASOS CEO

Workers at ASOS in Barnsley are being forced in with no social distancing measures whilst staff at the Camden HQ are working from home.Coronavirus exploits ambivalence and inequality.Time for all of us to step up and show basic decency.I have tonight written to the CEO outlining my concerns.Profit shouldn’t be put before the health of employees and their families.

Letter to the Chancellor on support for workers

I've written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer asking him to extend the financial support measures announced last week to those who are self-employed or on zero-hours contracts.We must do everything we can to make sure these workers get through the Coronavirus crisis.

Letter to the Prime Minister on guaranteeing food supplies

I have written to the Prime Minister, asking him to outline his plans to stop a food shortage in the UK.I will support every measure to make sure households have enough food and basic necessities to get them through the Coronavirus pandemic.