Getting symptoms checked during the COVID-19 pandemic

While COVID-19 has placed pressure on our health service, your NHS here in Barnsley is still there for treating other conditions.It is vital that people continue to get symptoms checked and get treatment if needed.Read more on this here.

Mental health support

Talking about mental health doesn't have to be scary.The COVID-19 pandemic has been a really tough time for a lot of people.If you're struggling at the moment check out the mental health support available to everyone in Barnsley:

Support for those living with dementia

I know many people have been worried about parents and relatives who suffer from dementia during the COVID-19 crisis.The Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Connect Team is here for everyone affected on 03331503456.Their online forum also offers valuable support:

Donating blood plasma

If you've had COVID-19 or experienced symptoms please consider donating plasma.It's safe, easy and could save lives.Donations can be made at the Leeds city centre and Bradford donor centre.Click the link to find out more:

Public Health England guide on staying active

Everyone is spending a lot more time at home than normal.Public Health England has a useful guide on how to stay active during the COVID-19 outbreak. Exercise is good not only for physical health but also mental health, sleep and injury prevention.

Dementia support helpline

If you are living with or affected by dementia in Barnsley and need support please call 08081963692.The helpline is available 7 days a week, 8pm-midnight and is made up of senior and experienced staff from 5 local organisations.

Support from NHS Volunteer Responders

If you are self-isolating and need some support please get in touch with NHS Volunteer Responders.They can help with:Collecting shopping, medication and essential suppliesCheck-in and chat phone calls Call 0808 196 3646 or click this link.

Mental Health Awareness Week

At the end of Mental Health Awareness Week I just want to remind everyone to Speak Your Mind and reach out to a loved one with a positive message.These are really difficult times and it's ok to be worried or anxious.Click this link for support:

Mental health support from Our Frontline

Thank you to all the frontline workers who are working around the clock to support our community.Our Frontline is offering mental health support 24/7 to help you through the COVID-19 crisis.For info visit:

Mental health support in Barnsley

Mental health support is still available for children and young people in Barnsley.The wonderful CAMHS team are still here to help!Find out more about the support available here, and click here to see Leanne's video message.