Barnsley vaccine rollout

We need a rapid and efficient rollout of the vaccine. Whilst we have three vaccine hubs across Barnsley, there is not currently a hub in Barnsley East. Last week, in Parliament, I called on the Government to look into establishing a vaccination hub in Barnsley East. I also raised this in a roundtable meeting with the Vaccine Minister. I will continue to follow this issue closely as the Ministers consider my request - and, as ever, I’m grateful to the incredible staff and volunteers who are delivering this life saving vaccine across the country.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Statutory Sick Pay

This week I called on the Government to improve the unacceptable level of sick pay.Everyone receives a flat rate of £95.50 - significantly less than minimum wage.Making it harder for those on low incomes to isolate.Proper sick pay is crucial in our fight against the virus.You can watch part of my speech in Parliament here.

School laptops

I called on the Government to rethink their decision to cut the number of laptops for disadvantaged pupils, cuts that were completely ill thought out and unnecessary. Their change of heart is welcome: my question in Parliament here.

School laptops allocation

I asked Gavin Williamson what they are doing to make sure next summer's exams are fair and equal.The Government has cut schools' laptop provision by 80%.They need to reverse this decision and act now to stop pupils from places like Barnsley from falling further behind.Watch my question in Parliament here.

Vaccine distribution

Following the good news that the UK will become the first country to roll out a COVID-19 vaccine, I asked Matt Hancock what the Government is doing to make sure that is distributed equally.People in Barnsley shouldn't miss out due to lack of resources.

Economic support

Households and businesses in the North are struggling due to COVID-19.The Labour Party are calling on the Government to: Fix test & trace and give control to our councils Outline the COVID-19 lockdown exit-plan Sort out the gaps in economic support for those who need it the mostWatch my comments in Parliament here.

Economic support to isolate

The Government is making people choose between doing the right thing and making ends meet.I asked Matt Hancock why people who've been notified by the COVID-19 app don't have the same financial support as those who've been called by Test and Trace.Economic support gaps must be closed.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Questioning the Government on COVID-19 support for Barnsley

I demanded answers from Rishi Sunak on his Government's handing of COVID-19.Barnsley has entered Tier 3 without the support needed to stop job losses and save lives.The Government is expecting local people to be able to get by on only 2/3 of their income.This isn't right.You can watch my question here.

Questioning the Prime Minister on COVID-19 testing

The PM's response to my question about the lack of COVID-19 testing for people here in Barnsley was shocking.Not only did he dismiss what had happened to a local mum, Boris Johnson claimed there's no connection between testing failures and tighter COVID-19 restrictions.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Questioning the Government on COVID-19 testing

I've been contacted by a number of constituents who cannot get COVID-19 tests. This has left pupils, parents and essential workers unable to leave home, work or return to school.Today, I pushed Matt Hancock on the lack of testing in Barnsley and called for more and better tests.You can watch my question in Parliament here.