Questioning the Government on economic support for Barnsley

Over the last month I’ve written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on financial support for the self-employed, local businesses and workers who can’t be furloughed.I’m concerned that mining towns like ours are economically most at risk from COVID-19.Today, I asked him about the Government’s plans to help Barnsley recover.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Written Questions

I have submitted a range of Written Questions to the Government on COVID-19.These can be viewed here.

The COVID-19 outbreak

In this crisis it’s more important than ever that we all act responsibly and look after one another. Today, I asked the Government what actions they’re taking to control the COVID-19 outbreak. I'm in close contact with Public Health England and Barnsley Council and will support every measure to tackle it. Click here for the latest advice, and watch my comments in Parliament today here.

Questioning the Government on CT scans for coronavirus

The Prime Minister committed £46m to develop a COVID-19 rapid test.I asked if the Government will invest in UK CT scan facilities, which take just a few minutes and have 98% accuracy.Chest CT scans could help us diagnose cases early & save lives.Click here to follow NHS advice and click here to watch my comments in Parliament.

Speaking on the coronavirus

The Government must take all necessary actions to ensure the UK is properly prepared for the coronavirus. I’ve raised this several times in Parliament and today asked the Government to combat fake news so the public receive accurate info. The latest Government advice is here. You can watch my comments in Parliament here.

Questioning the Government on the coronavirus

I recently questioned the Government on their plans for dealing with the coronavirus - thousands have been affected by this deadly outbreak.We need to make sure that every precaution is being taken to stop it from reaching the UK.You can watch my question in Parliament here.