Supporting our high streets as shops reopen

As more shops have opened this weekend I would like to encourage everyone to observe social distancing guidelines, to shop local and support our high streets.I will keep pushing for more Government funding to help local businesses and industries so Barnsley can bounce back from COVID-19.

Royal Mail briefing

I had a virtual briefing on Royal Mail's response to COVID-19 in South Yorkshire.The safety of workers and customers must be prioritised.Thank you to all the postmen and women who are keeping our family and friends connected and delivering important mail every day.

Meeting with Barnsley Council

Important virtual meeting with Barnsley Council Leader Steve Houghton and Chief Executive Sarah Norman. We discussed the Council response to the challenge posed by COVID-19, and the ways we can work together to support our communities through this difficult time.Here in Barnsley, our Council is well prepared to meet this challenge, despite the challenges of the last ten years.Clearly, though, this situation has placed a unique strain on services and budgets, and I have written to the Government to ask them to work with Barnsley Council and provide the resources desperately needed to guarantee the short and long term sustainability of our local services.

Meeting local public health officials

I attended a virtual meeting this afternoon with local public health officials from Barnsley Council and Barnsley CCG.We discussed the local response to COVID-19, including the importance of an effective system of tracing and isolating cases to protect our community as lockdown eases.

Support from the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust

Weekly games sales have gone up by 60% during the lockdown.If you're worried about the harms of online gambling and how to protect your child, check out Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust advise blogs to support parents and carers.

Launch of Unite's Aviation Blueprint

I virtually attended Unite's launch of its Aviation Blueprint today, which discussed COVID-19's impact on the aviation industry.Airports like Doncaster Sheffield Airport are crucial to our regional economy.The industry needs help now to maintain regional connectivity and prevent future job losses.

Meeting the National Education Union

I was pleased to virtually meet with the National Education Union today to discuss how we start to get children back to school safely. We discussed issues around testing, tracing and the publication of scientific evidence. As well as the possibility of increasing online teaching until schools fully re-open.

Support from Action for Children

Parents and carers are under more pressure than ever during the COVID-19 crisis.Action for Children are offering online parenting support.Click this link to find out more.

RSPCA advice

The RSPCA have prepared a helpful guide for what to do if you have a pet and you have to self-isolate during the coronavirus crisis.Click this link for useful and up to date information.

Tackling modern slavery

The CPA UK has launched a Covid-19 toolkit on how to tackle modern slavery during the current public health crisis.I’ve worked with Northern College to raise awareness of their Free Thinking programme to support survivors.