Government Foot-Dragging on Modern Slavery

As reported in the Huffington Post on 12th September, Stephanie has accused the Government of dragging their feet over attempts to tackle Modern Slavery, after it was revealed the key independent role established to address this practice will be left vacant for half a year.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

“To lose one independent commissioner might be unfortunate, but to have two entire commissions vacant for the best part of a year starts to look careless. 

“They give every impression that they’d rather dodge independent scrutiny than welcome it, and no wonder when the Tory austerity is so badly damaging the very services that tackle modern slavery, protect the vulnerable and support the victims.” 

Stephanie also called on the new anti-slavery commissioner to make a priority of ensuring victims were given access to free education - something she has said Home Office bureaucracy was blocking. 

She said: “Ministers should end the cuts to the agencies that defend vulnerable workers, and listen to the calls for survivors to be allowed access to education, which will benefit both them and the whole community. That is an issue that I hope the new commissioner will look at, whenever they are appointed.”

You can read Stephanie's full comments here