The Civil Liabilities Bill

As reported in the Barnley Gazette and Barnsley News and Sport on 18th September, Stephanie has challenged the Government on new legislation she claims will penalise people injured at work.

The changes are made under the Government’s Civil Liabilities Bill and other associated changes which will amend the personal injury claims process.

In the Bill, the Government will drastically cut the amount awarded in compensation by insurance companies to people injured on the roads.

The Government also plans to increase the threshold at which people injured in the workplace through no fault of their own can access free legal aid and advice, meaning fewer people who have suffered injuries at work will be able to bring claims against the employers at fault.

The changes are expected to save the insurance industry a further £1.3bn a year, following the £11bn in savings made since the previous changes under the Conservative government in 2012.

Commenting in the House of Commons on the changes, the local MP demanded the “Government make clear what these changes represent – a capitulation to the interests of the insurance industry at the expense of working people.”

Following on from her comments in Parliament, Stephanie said:

“These changes will have a devastating impact on working people here in Barnsley who are injured through no fault of their own.

“Instead of being able to bring claims against the unscrupulous employers whose negligence has caused thousands of pounds worth of pain and suffering, the Government will be removing legal help for many workers and making it harder for them to tackle dodgy employers.

“This Tory Government are reducing compensation and access to justice for people to help boost the already eye-watering profits of their friends in the insurance industry; it’s clear where their priorities lie.”