Modern Slavery Meeting

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 15th March, Barnsley East Labour Party Women’s Forum recently held an event on tackling modern slavery here in the UK.

The event was held on Saturday 9th March from 1pm to 2:30pm at Barnsley Town Hall.

It’s estimated that there are currently 14,000-16,000 people living in modern slavery in the UK.

The event discussed the nature of this practice, and ways it can be identified and tackled.

Speakers included Jane Williamson, a tutor who has worked on Northern College’s ‘Free Thinking Programme’ to provide education to survivors of modern slavery, Mark Burns-Williamson, the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and national lead for tackling modern slavery, and Tim Forber, Assistant Chief Constable with South Yorkshire Police.

The event was chaired by Stephanie .

Commenting, she said:

“Modern slavery is an absolutely appalling practice, where people are forced into work without pay and life without freedom.

“It’s staggering that this practice is still so widespread in the UK in the 21st century, and it’s so important that we do all we can to fight it.

“That’s why I’m pleased to have chaired this important event, so that we can work towards understanding, identifying and tackling modern slavery, and ultimately ending it once and for all.”