Stephanie Accuses Government of Delaying Dangerous Driving Sentence Increases

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 25th October, Stephanie has accused the Government of dragging its feet over plans to increase the maximum sentence for death caused by dangerous driving, as last week marked two years since the Government pledged to do so.

On 15th October 2017, the Government promised to introduce life sentences for those who cause death by dangerous driving.

However, despite claiming a continued commitment to the increase, it has now been two years without the change being made.

In that time, Brierley resident Jacqueline Wileman was tragically hit and killed by a HGV stolen by four men, one of whom had an existing conviction for causing death by dangerous driving.

In their sentencing all four men were found guilty, but each will serve fewer than 10 years in jail before being released on license.

Local MP Peacock has long campaigned with Jacqueline’s family to see the Government increase the maximum sentence, and earlier this year brought her brother Johnny Wood to Parliament to meet with the Government Minister in the MoJ.

During that meeting, the Minister once again reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to amending the law, but no change has followed.

Stephanie recently challenged the Justice Secretary in the House of Commons on the issue, and further called for a review into the probation service which was involved in the case.

Commenting, she said:

“It is now two years since the Government promised to increase the maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving, and families like Jacqueline’s are still waiting for justice.

“I’ve called on the Government time and time again to honour this commitment and make sure no other family has to go through what Jacqueline’s has.

“The Government must stop dragging its feet, immediately make this much needed change to the law, and I will continue campaigning on this issue until they do just that.”