Stephanie Backs Law Change to Help Terminally Ill

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle and Barnsley News and Sport on 21st November, Stephanie is backing a campaign that will enable more terminally ill people to access benefits more quickly and easily, regardless of the condition they have.

She joins the MND Association and Marie Curie, who are working together to push for a change in the law that will enable terminally ill people to get quicker access to the benefits they need to live well until they die.

Currently, someone is only considered terminally ill if there is a reasonable expectation of having six or less months left to live.

This definition excludes people with complex and unpredictable terminal conditions from accessing the financial support they need in a timely manner.  The current bureaucratic process for accessing crucial benefits can be lengthy, complex and instructive.

The proposed change in the law will allow clinicians to determine whether a person is terminally ill, instead of an arbitrary time-limit decided in years gone-by.

This would mean that people with complex and unpredictable terminal illnesses, such as motor neurone disease, can apply for benefits in a way far better suited to their needs and circumstances.

Said Stephanie: “It’s more than likely that, like me, nearly everyone in Barnsley has been affected by a close one suffering with a terminal illness

“It’s absolutely crucial that we make sure that anyone facing such a difficult time gets all the care and support they need, when they need it, and that’s why I’m backing the scrap6months campaign”