Stephanie backs campaign to save free local cash points

As reported in the Barnsley Gazette, Stephanie is backing the campaign to save free local cash machines.

Many ATMs in Barnsley and across the UK provide free withdrawals for people to access their own money.

These free-to-use cash machines are funded through a levy on banks, set by the network body LINK, but on July 1st the first of four rounds of cuts to the funding for free to use ATMs was put into action.

Since this cut was announced five months ago 300 ATMs have closed per month with rural areas being more greatly impacted than urban centres.

ATM providers have warned that the cut in funding goes too far too fast with the industry body ATIMA saying as many as 30,000 ATMs could be lost by 2030, that is 40% of the UK’s network.

The local MP is backing a campaign to save cash machines in Barnsley, and ensure local residents still have free and easy access to their money.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

“Whilst we are slowly moving towards a cashless society, a demand for free cash points still exists and I strongly believe that people shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of accessing their own money.

“These cuts risk isolating people who require cash machines to acquire their money for payments, or charging them unacceptable amounts to do so. 

“The impact of these cuts should be reviewed to ensure our cash points are saved for those who need them.”