Stephanie Backs Town of Culture Award

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on Feb 8th, Stephanie has thrown her weight behind the campaign for a national ‘Town of Culture Award’ – because she’s sure Barnsley would win it.

Speaking in a Parliamentary debate on the prospect of such an award, the local MP supported a new competition to recognise culture in towns across country.

She made her intentions clear, however, in referencing cultural highlights like Elsecar Heritage Centre and Worsbrough Mill that she backs the award in no small part because she believes Barnsley would win it.

Commenting, she said:

“Barnsley has a rich cultural heritage, and we should be extremely proud of the local attractions we have to offer.

“Too often towns like ours are overlooked for larger cities and tourist hotspots, but a specific award for culture in towns would be a great way to bring attention to what Barnsley has to offer.

“I’ll continue to champion our cultural strengths on the national stage, and lend my support to this award which would properly recognise Barnsley’s cultural heritage – an award I’ve no doubt we’d win.”