Stephanie Calls for Bus Service Changes

As reported in the Barnsley Gazette and the Barnsley Chrornicle on 19th January, Stephanie is pressing the Government for changes to improve local bus services.

After conducting a survey of local residents’ experiences with bus services, the MP outlined responses in the House of Commons, and highlighted the impact cancelled routes have had on the community.

Cancelled routes have forced elderly individuals to walk or take expensive taxi rides to avoid missing important engagements such as doctors or hospital appointments.

Calling on the Government for an urgent debate to discuss these issues, Stephanie suggested bus local authorities should be allowed to play greater role in the provision of bus services where they could instead be run in the interests of residents and the local community.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

“I wanted to hear local residents’ experiences of bus services here in Barnsley, but I was disappointed with the responses.

“Time and time again I was told of services being run in the interests of profit over the needs of passengers.

“Unprofitable routes have been cancelled, leaving often-elderly people to find alternative transport – usually either walking or taking taxis.

“I brought up these concerns of local people with the Government in Parliament, and suggested local authorities should have a greater role in bus services so they can remain just that: a service.”