Stephanie Calls for End to Tip Scandal

As reported in the Independent, Stephanie has called on the Government to end the tipping scandal that sees companies snatching tips meant for workers. 

She accused Ministers of breaking their promises to low-paid workers amid claims they have quietly dropped plans to ensure restaurant and bar staff are not being exploited.

Stephanie, who recently introduced a Commons bill on protecting workers’ rights, commented:

“This month marks two years since the government closed its consultation on fair tips. The Tories promised it would lead to action, yet they now admit that they haven’t even started drafting a response.

“While ministers drag their feet, workers and customers alike are being ripped off by rogue bosses who are grabbing tips that were intended for staff.

“It is appalling that staff, often in precarious employment, are going into another busy summer season without the basic protection they deserve, with workers at TGI Fridays worked to take strike action to demand their share.

“Government inaction will only fuel the suspicion that they have quietly abandoned their promises and want to let rogue bosses off the hook. Ministers should come clean, and if they’re going to take real action to stop this scandal, they need to get on with it.”

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