Stephanie comments on Government's 'Ghost Policies'

As reported in The Independent, Stephanie has commented on the several flagship policies shelved by the Government and Prime Minister amidst the task of leaving the EU. 

Theresa May has shelved flagship policies that promised help to workers, householders and abused women as the Brexit crisis has devoured her government, according to The Independent.

As reported on 23rd December in The Independent,

"A batch of key pledges – now dubbed “ghost policies” – have hit the buffers as the huge task of leaving the EU has sidelined her other priorities.

Among them are moves to prevent restaurant and bar bosses snatching workers’ tips, to stop residents being “exploited” by ripoff leases or rogue bailiffs and to ban wild animals from circuses.

Other crucial policies gathering dust would use schools to tackle childhood obesity and help women suffering sexual, psychological and violent abuse."

Commenting, Stephanie said:

“It appears the Tories are so divided and distracted that they can only offer ‘ghost policies’, with repeated consultations, endless delays and vague promises of legislation that simply never appear. 

“It’s just the latest sign that the government has ground to a halt, brought to its knees by its own shambolic Brexit mess. The prime minister may still be clinging to office but her flagship pledges have sunk without trace.”