Stephanie Comments on Rural Crime

As reported in the Barnsley News and Sport on 14th June, Stephanie has called for action on rural crime after bringing up the issue in the House of Commons recently.

Following meetings with affected constituents, the local MP raised the increase in crimes committed in rural areas in the Parliamentary debate last Wednesday.

Stephanie discussed the 54 per cent increase in South Yorkshire’s rural crime insurance claims as evidence of the growth in incidents.

She also made reference to local community groups who have joined together to tackle rural crime.

Her intervention came following meetings with constituents who have been victims of crime in rural areas – including the theft of farming and equestrian equipment, and anti-social behaviour.

Nationally, it’s estimated that rural crime cost the economy over £39m in 2016 alone.

Said Stephanie: “Rural crime is a serious problem which affects people here in Barnsley and across the UK.

“Whilst Government Ministers may try to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the issue, it’s only getting worse for the people like my constituents who have personally told me of the crimes they’ve been victims of.

“Policing in rural communities over sparsely populated areas is already difficult enough for our hard-working police services, but with resources and numbers down as a result of Government cuts it’s even harder.

“Our police should be given the resources they desperately need to do their jobs, and ensure rural communities like ours are protected.”