Stephanie Elected to Science and Technology Committee

As reported in the Barnsley News and Sport, the Barnsley Chronicle and the Barnsley Gazette, on 18th October Stephanie has been elected to the Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee.

The move was passed by a Parliamentary motion on Monday and the Stephanie joins the cross-party Select Committee as a permanent member.

The Science and Technology Select Committee’s main role is to ensure Government policy and decision-making is based on scientific advice and evidence, and it runs inquiries into topical issues, legislation and the Government.

Commenting on the move, Stephanie said:

“I’m pleased to be joining the Science and Technology Select Committee, which gives me a great opportunity to hold the Government to account.

“A forward-thinking strategy that takes advantage of technological and scientific opportunities is vital to ensure our exit from the European Union helps working people like those in Barnsley with jobs and skills.

“My place on the Select Committee will help keep Barnsley at the forefront of these developments.”