Stephanie Encourages Energy Bill Savings

As reported in the Barnsley News and Sport, MP for Barnsley East Stephanie Peacock is encouraging households in the borough to take advantage of the Energy Switch Guarantee to save money on energy bills.

New figures released from the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG) reveal that 17 per cent of households in Barnsley East have switched electricity supplier and potentially saved hundreds of pounds during the last year.

The Energy Switch Guarantee is a commitment by energy suppliers – from the largest to some of the newest in the market – to make switching simple and safe.

Stephanie is encouraging more people in Barnsley to save money by switching and she said: “Plenty of people here in Barnsley have already taken advantage of the savings that are on offer but it would be great to see more join them.

“People could save hundreds of pounds – especially if they have been with the same supplier for years.

“This winter I encourage everyone in Barnsley to take a few minutes to find out if they could be on a better energy deal.”