Stephanie gets back in the Classroom

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle and the Barnsley News and Sport on 24th January, Stephanie returned to the classroom recently to teach students of Kirk Balk Academy as part of the ‘Big Class Challenge’.

The Big Class Challenge is a programme run by the Teach First charity, aiming to bring volunteers from different sectors into schools to teach pupils.

Former teacher and TeachFirst ambassador Stephanie took part in the initiative, and got back in the classroom for a one-off class with students of Kirk Balk Academy.

She spoke to the students on a range of topics, including aspiration and the importance of the students aiming high, before fielding questions.

Stephanie said: “It was great to be back in the classroom as part of Teach First’s Big Class Challenge.

“The Challenge is a wonderful initiative that encourages volunteers with a wide range of experiences and skills to get into schools and teach one-off lessons to students.

“As a former teacher and Teach First ambassador, it was a pleasure to teach the students at Kirk Balk Academy and support this initiative.”