Stephanie Grills Experts in Science and Technology Select Committee

As reported in the Barnsley News and Sport on November 10th, Stephanie recently quizzed a panel of experts on the industrial strategy for Barnsley.

The move was part of her role on the Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee, which oversees Government policy and conduct on science, engineering and technology, who were undertaking a public evidence session with industry experts.

One of the experts had recently authored an article on the effects of previous industrial strategies on Barnsley, surmising the effects were simply not sufficient.

Stephanie, who was recently elected to the Select Committee, subsequently took the opportunity to press the witnesses with a local angle.

She questioned the experts on the effects of previous science policies on Barnsley, what the Government could be doing with regards to science and technology to advantage the area, and the importance of addressing the disparity between towns like Barnsley and other larger cities.

She said: “In my role as member of the Parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee, we are given the opportunity to grill expert witnesses on Government conduct and policy.

“In our discussion on the industrial strategy and science budget, I took the chance to press them on issues that matter to Barnsley.

“It’s important that science and technology policy benefits communities like ours and makes sure we’re not left behind.

“On my election to the Select Committee I pledged to use the opportunity to keep Barnsley at the forefront of developments, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”