Stephanie joins fight for truth and justice

As reported in Barnsley News and Sport on 11th October Stephanie joined the fight for truth and justice for what happened at Orgreave during the miners strike.

Stephanie spoke to members of the public at an event on Orgreave hosted by the Darfield Ward Labour Party and Barnsley East CLP.

It brought together local Councillors, the Orgreave Trust and Justice Campaign, Trade Union representatives and the public.

Actions that took place at Orgreave between striking miners and the police over 33 years ago were discussed, along with the information that has come to light in the years since.

Stephanie said: “It’s important to have the opportunity to speak about the Orgreave injustices at events like this.

“The incidents that took place that day in South Yorkshire are still incredibly pertinent to so many people in our community, and it’s crucial we continue our campaign for those who were affected.

“The event was open to all, and it was great to be joined by so many people to discuss how we can continue our fight for the truth and justice that working people deserve.”