Stephanie launches 'Is Plastic Fantastic' campaign

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 3rd August, Stephanie recently launched her 'Is Plastic Fantastic' campaign in partnership with schools in Barnsley East.

The campaign, a holiday project for local students, aims to educate on the dangers of single-use plastic.

It promotes the use of environmentally friendly alternatives, from jute bags replacing carrier bags, to reusable straws and cups.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

“Since I was elected to represent Barnsley East, I’ve made it a priority to visit our fantastic family of local schools.

“Whenever I visit them, I’m impressed by how engaged and conscious a lot of young people are when it comes to our environment – it was those children and the work being done in our schools that inspired this idea.

“As a former teacher, I know how helpful a project in the summer holidays can be, and I hope this is something all the family can get involved in to learn together about how we can better protect our beautiful local environment here in Barnsley.”