Stephanie opens new sporting pavillion

As reported in Barnsley News and Sport, the Barnsley Gazette and the Barnsley Chronicle on 31st August 2017. Stephanie opened the new community sporting pavilion at Wombwell Main Community and Sports Association in her Barnsley East constituency.

The Association is a local charity that provides a home for a several sports teams and a number of community and educational groups.

The new pavilion caps off a tireless effort by many at the club over five years to modernise and refresh the facilities, including sourcing significant capital funding.

Stephanie sad: “Wombwell Main Community and Sports Association is a great asset to the community, and their new pavilion is a welcome development.

“A number of people have worked incredibly hard to make it happen, and I’m delighted to see their work pay off. I congratulate those involved and look forward to the positive effect the new pavilion will have on our community.”