Stephanie Presses Government on Tackling Workplace Sexual Harassment

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 4th January, Stephanie pushed the Government for greater action to tackle workplace sexual harassment in Parliament recently.

The move follows the Government’s announcement of a new code of practice to prevent harassment in the workplace, something the Barnsley MP says falls short of what’s required.

The code of practice was revealed recently in an attempt to make employers understand their responsibility to protect staff from harassment in the workplace.

However, the Fawcett Society charity has voiced concerns that the code does not go far enough in addressing the issue.

Echoing these concerns in the House of Commons, the Barnsley East MP pushed the Government to include a formal duty on employers to prevent harassment, without which she claims the code will have little practical impact.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

“Any move to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace is a welcome step, but unfortunately the Government’s long-awaited Code of Practice does not go far enough.

“Along with charities like the Fawcett Society, I raised concerns in the House of Commons that without a formal requirement on employers to prevent harassment, many women in Barnsley and across the UK will be left to simply deal with the problem of sexual harassment on their own.

“I hope the Government listens to these concerns and produces regulations that will genuinely help people in the workplace in Barnsley.”