Stephanie presses Government to protect pensioners

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 2nd August, Stephanie has challenged the Government in the House of Commons on take up of Pension Credit, changes to TV licences, and the affect this is having on pensioners here in Barnsley.

Introduced by the last Labour Government, Pension Credit is a Government top up which is provided in two parts, Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit.

The former is income-related, and tops up weekly income to £167.25 for single people or £255.25 for couples, while the latter is an additional payment for those with savings for retirement, such as a pension.

Nationally, 40% of eligible individuals do not claim Pension Credit.

In Barnsley East constituency, 7350 households are claimants, and in 4108 of these households, the main claimant is over 75.

In Parliament, Stephanie highlighted the unfairness of a system where 40% of pensioners are not claiming something to which they are entitled, at the same time as more than 4000 pensioners in Barnsley East are set to lose their free TV licences.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

‘This Government’s approach to Pension Credit and TV licences highlights yet again just how little the Tories care about pensioners here in Barnsley and around the country.

‘That’s why I challenged the Government in Parliament, and will keep putting pressure on them to protect pensioners in Barnsley who worked so hard for our area and for our country, and deserve a fair deal in their retirement.’