Stephanie questions Health Secretary

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 3rd August, Stephanie recently questioned the Health Secretary on access to services for those living with dementia.

Stephanie recently met with the 'What's Life Like' group, which is made up of people living with dementia in the Barnsley area.

At that meeting, Stephanie spoke to the group about their concerns around their condition, including stigma, diagnosis and quality of care.

The questions Stephanie asked the Health Secretary were based on the concerns raised in that meeting.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

'As Alzheimer's Society states, it's so important that we all work to build a society which is inclusive for those living with dementia.

'It's clear that there's still much more to do to build an inclusive society, and it's so important that those living with dementia have their voices heard.

'I'm pleased that I was able to give voice to my constituents' concerns in Parliament, and I'll continue to work so that everyone living with dementia can feel a part of, not apart from, society.'