Stephanie raises concerns over falling results

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 9th February, Stephanie has blamed the Government after she revealed results achieved in key subjects by students on free school meals in Barnsley have fallen drastically. The figures were obtained from the Government by Stephanie through a written parliamentary question.

They show that since 2011, the percentage of students eligible for free school meals (FSM) achieving the expected grades at key stage 2 in English and Maths has substantially decreased. In 2011, the number of pupils on FSM achieving a Level 4 grade in English was 72 per cent, but this has fallen to just 50 per cent reaching the expected standard in 2010. Similarly, the 56 per cent of FSM-eligible pupils achieving the expected grade in Maths in 2017 is considerably lower than the 73 per cent who did so in 2011. After acquiring the figures, Stephanie is blaming the Government for the fall in standards as a result of consistent cuts to school budgets.

Stephanie said: “Children on free school meals can be some of the most vulnerable in our community, and often struggle the most to get on in life. That’s why it’s absolutely vital they get the best start with a good education, but these figures show fewer of them are. With schools here in Barnsley already funded significantly less than other areas, savage cuts to budgets over the last seven years by this Tory Government have had a devastating effect on teaching. With schools under-resourced and under strain, it’s the children in our community who need help most who are suffering from these brutal cuts.”