Stephanie's Campaign on Bus Services Continues

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 25th October, Stephanie met with Stagecoach Yorkshire’s Commercial Director, John Young, on changes to the 219/219a bus service in Great Houghton.

Stagecoach, which operates the service, proposed changes in May which meant that any residents who live further into Great Houghton than the Welfare Hall would no longer have a direct bus link to Doncaster, with the direct bus turning round at the Welfare Hall, with only the bus which terminates at Goldthorpe completing the journey up into the village.

Stephanie met with Stagecoach to outline her disappointment at their decision to proceed with these changes despite clear opposition and feedback from residents who use the service.

Following Stephanie’s campaign with local residents against these changes, Stagecoach have stated that both of the services will continue into the village prior to 9:30am, ensuring a direct bus link to Doncaster prior to this time.

However, with this direct service no longer operating after 9:30am, many residents in Great Houghton will still be left with no direct bus link to Doncaster, something the local MP has described as ‘incredibly disappointing’.

Commenting, Stephanie said:

“Despite widespread opposition to these changes amongst residents in Great Houghton, Stagecoach has decided to press ahead regardless.

“While Stagecoach has relented on part of its plans and maintained the direct link to Doncaster before 9:30am, this still means that for much of the day, many residents in Great Houghton will be left without this important service.

“This decision removes or severely restricts the services available to residents – for many of them, particularly elderly residents, this will have a significant impact on them and what they are able to do in their day-to-day lives.

“I remain incredibly disappointed that Stagecoach have made these changes, but I will continue to push for improvements so that residents in Great Houghton have access to the best possible bus services.”