Stephanie Slams Government for Child Poverty Figures

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle and Barnsley News and Sport on 25th January, Stephanie has slammed the Government after new figures revealed more than one in four children in Barnsley are living in poverty.

The figures, released by the End Child Poverty coalition, show that 27.95 percent of children living in Barnsley are in poverty after housing costs are included.

This includes over 6,000 children in Barnsley East, where a slightly higher level of 29.64 percent of children are trapped below the poverty line.

Within the Barnsley area, the Worsbrough ward contains the highest level of child poverty, with more than one in three children living in poverty.

The figure in Barnsley is higher than the UK average, where over 3.7m children are now living below the poverty line according to End Child Poverty – slightly more than one in every four.

Said Stephanie: “These new figures paint a damning picture of life for so many families and children under this Tory Government.

“No child in Britain and Barnsley in this day and age should be forced to go without food, a heated home or proper clothing.

“But the Government’s decision to freeze child benefits in the face of soaring living costs has forced more than 14,000 children in Barnsley below the poverty line.

“This Government must take urgent action to address the issue, and prevent more children in Barnsley being trapped in poverty.”