Stephanie Slams Government on Transport Spending Figures

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 23rd August, Stephanie 

has criticised the Government after new figures show London will receive over seven times more transport funding per person than Yorkshire and the Humber.

The figures were revealed by the Institute for Public Policy Research North think tank in their 2019 ‘Transport Investment in the Northern Powerhouse’ report.

According to the report, London is set to receive £3,636 per person on transport spending from 2018/19 onwards.

This compares to £1,247 across the North.

However, the figures are even more stark when compared to Yorkshire and the Humber, who will receive just £511 per person in the same period.

This means that planned transport spending on London is 7.1 times more per capita than on Yorkshire and the Humber.

These spending plans are on top of the vastly disproportionate historic spending, where over the last decade London has received two and half times more public transport spending per person than the North.

In their report, the think tank concluded that “despite five years of the Northern Powerhouse agenda, the government continue to underinvest in northern transport infrastructure”.

Commenting on the figures, local MP Peacock has slammed the Government over the continued disparity in spending:

“Further confirmation of the Government’s neglect of transport in the North will come as no surprise to residents in Barnsley who are all too familiar with our region’s creaking and dilapidated transport systems.

“From commuting on antiquated trains that belong in museums, to seeing local bus routes cut and cancelled, people in Barnsley and across our region have put up with underinvestment in transport for too long.

“Platitudes about the Northern Powerhouse project from the Tories won’t cut it any longer – people in Barnsley need proper transport funding on a par with London and leafy shires in the south.”