Stephanie to meet Government Over Death by Dangerous Driving Sentences

As reported by the Barnsley News and Sport and the Barnsley Chronicle on 26th April, Stephanie will meet with Government officials to continue the push to increase the maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving following the tragic death of Jacqueline Wileman.

In September last year, a HGV was stolen and driven around Barnsley and crashed into a property in Brierley, but not before tragically hitting and killing Barnsley resident Jacqueline Wileman.

The four men responsible were convicted of death by dangerous driving amongst other charges and existing criminal convictions. Each received between 10 and 13 years in prison, but will likely serve fewer.

In an exchange in the House of Commons, Stephanie (pictured) questioned Ministry of Justice Minister Rory Stewart on the issue.

She challenged the Minister on the ‘devastating failure’ of the Government’s privatised probation system that saw three of the four men convicted of Jacqueline Wileman’s death commit the crime whilst released on probation.

Following this, she asked the Minister to meet with her to discuss the case and what they can do to prevent similar incidents – including scrapping the 14-year maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving.

Responding for the Government, Minister Stewart paid tribute to the local MP for her campaigning on the case and accepted that the maximum sentence should be increased to life.

He further agreed to meet the MP to discuss changing this law.

Said Stephanie: “The death of Jacqueline Wileman was a tragic incident that struck at the very heart of our community and devastated many.

“In the face of lenient prison sentences handed down to those responsible, Jackie’s family have bravely campaigned to make sure nobody else must go through what they have.

“After bringing this campaign to Parliament, I’m delighted the Government have accepted the need to increase the sentence and I will look to meet them urgently and make sure that is the case.”