Stephanie urges shoppers to donate to foodbanks

As reported in the Barnsley News and Sport, on Wednesday 6th Stephanie recently visited a foodbank collection point in Hoyland, to encourage donations and raise awareness.

Located at the Tesco in Hoyland, the collection point gives shoppers the chance to add extra items into their shopping trolleys before donating them to the foodbank on their way out.

Tesco has also promised to give an extra 20 per cent on all products donated by the public.

Foodbank usage in Barnsley has increased over recent years, and the foodbank in Wombwell alone gave out 4,256 three-day emergency food parcels last year.

This rise is replicated across the country, with the number of people dependent on the emergency food packages increasing 7 per cent since last year.

The local MP (pictured) visited the collection point to encourage shoppers to donate items, and raise awareness of the many people in Barnsley who are dependent on foodbanks to keep food on their table.

Stephanie commented: “It was wonderful to see such kindness and generosity in our community as people gave so much to those less fortunate than themselves.

“But particularly at this time of year, it’s a scandal that people still require the use of foodbanks to put food on the table. And their use is only increasing, including here in Barnsley.

“Until the Government acts to end the appalling dependency on foodbanks, I encourage everybody to contribute where possible and ensure nobody here in Barnsley goes hungry over Christmas.”