Stephanie Visits Barnsley Brick Exhibition

As reported in the Barnsley News and Sport and the Barnsley Chronicle on 13th September, Stephanie recently visited the Barnsley Brick Project exhibition at the Experience Barnsley museum.

This exhibition chronicles the history of the Barnsley brick manufacturing industry, and the local brickworks which provided the bricks to construct many local buildings.

The exhibition also contains a display of contemporary ‘art bricks’, which focus on 21st century Barnsley.

Commenting, Stephanie said: “It was a pleasure to pop in to the Barnsley Brick Project exhibition, and to see the work being done to remember Barnsley’s often-forgotten brick making industry.

“It’s so important that we honour Barnsley’s industrial history and also celebrate our area as it is today, so it was great to see the exhibition’s combination of commemorating the past, and celebrating the present through the contemporary ‘art bricks.’’