Universal Credit Error Hitting Barnsley Residents

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle on 7th December, Stephanie has slammed the Government's for a systematic error in their flagship Universal Credit policy that sees claimaints in Barnsley lose out on significant amounts of money they are entitled to.

A problem with the housing cost contribution calculation has resulted in every claimaint in receipt of disability benefits being wrongly deducted £72 for every non-dependent living with them - up to as much as £144, or even £216 and £288.

Whilst these erroneous deductions can eventually be overturned, it's not know how many aren't noticed by vulnerable claimaints are unlikely to know otherwise without specialist help.

After raising the issue with Government Ministers back in February, the Government assured Stephanie a fix for this devastating systematic error was imminent.

But nine months later, no fix has been provided, and vulnerable residents in Barnsley are still being affected.

Commenting, Stephanie said: 

“Vulnerable people in Barnsley are being forced into greater financial distress due to the wilful neglect of this Government and their disastrous Universal Credit policy.

“Time and time again, people are subject to erroneous deductions of vital funds they’re entitled to and depend on due to a systematic error with the Universal Credit system – one that the Government has themselves acknowledged.

“Yet nearly nine months after I raised this problem and was assured a fix was imminent, the Tory Government has yet to act and vulnerable claimants continue to suffer.

"They must take urgent action to immediately address this error.”