Pressing the Government to hold a flood summit

It's an outrage that a Flood Summit hasn't been called following last November's devastating floods.I asked the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary of State when Boris Johnson will honour his election commitment to hold a summit so that flood-hit communities in South Yorkshire can recover.You can watch my comments in Parliament here.

Marking Armed Forces Day

I was proud to see Barnsley’s virtual Armed Forces Day celebrations recently.I want to thank our service personnel and veterans for their service to our country, including efforts to tackle COVID-19, and redouble my commitment to support them in any way I can.

Calling on the Home Office to ban the Order of the Nine Angles

I have written to Priti Patel with Hope not Hate to ask the Home Office to ban the Nazi-Satanist cult the Order of the Nine Angles.This group uses the totally encrypted and largely unmonitored platform Telegram to promote extreme violence and hatred.The Government must act.I spoke on Hope not Hate's podcast on the campaign to prohibit O9A. Click this link to listen:, and watch my comments in Parliament here.

Armed Forces Week flag raising ceremony

As a proud supporter of our armed forces, it was good to see the virtual Barnsley flag raising ceremony this morning as we count down to Armed Forces Day on Saturday.Find out more about this important day to support our service personnel and veterans:

Tackling loneliness

For the last 2 years, we have held Great Get Together events in Barnsley in memory of Jo Cox.Today, I hope you will join me in celebrating the power of community by reaching out to someone who might be struggling.I've created an anonymous survey for anyone who might be feeling low or a bit lonely at the moment.I will do my best to get resources and support for those that need help right now.

Post Office petition

Local Post Office branches are so important for people in our community, and I’m incredibly disappointed that following the closure of Post Office branches in Hoyland (July 2019) and Darfield (November 2019), the branch in Wombwell is now set to close in July 2020.   On each occasion, the Post Office have provided assurances that the closures would be temporary, and they would attempt to find a new location to maintain services in these areas. However, services have not yet been restored in Hoyland or Darfield, and I am concerned that the same will now happen in Wombwell.   I have written to the Post Office to outline my concerns, and I will continue to push for local branches to be reinstated in our community as soon as possible. You can add your name to our petition to call for Post Office services to be restored in Hoyland, Darfield and Wombwell by clicking here:

Flooding insurance survey

As Shadow Flooding Minister, I met with Amanda Blanc to discuss the review into the lack of insurance cover for homes and businesses left devastated last November.The review will focus on Doncaster but if you were affected feel free to fill in the survey below.

Meeting the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations and the Scottish Fishermen's Federation

I met with representatives of National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations and Scottish Fishermen's Federation and attended their Parliamentary briefing to discuss the upcoming Fisheries Bill, COVID-19 and our UK fishing fleet.I will continue campaigning to make sure our British Fishing Industry gets a fair deal.

Speaking on the Post Office Horizon scandal

Hundreds of families and communities have been affected by the Post Office Horizon Scandal.I held the Government to account on what it is doing to ensure postmasters who were unfairly sacked, sued, and in some cases sent to jail, have the compensation they deserve.You can watch my comments in Parliament here.

Marking Carers Week

1.2 million carers live in poverty. At the end of Carers Week I want to say thank you to all the carers working around the clock.Let's make caring visible, visit for more info.