Questioning the Government on water supplies

Private water companies allow 3 billion litres of water to be wasted through leakage every day. At the same time, they charge customers unaffordable bills.As the Labour Party Minister for Water, I demanded the Government show leadership and get to grips with water companies.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Visiting Mary's Little Lambs nursery

It was lovely to pop into Mary's Little Lambs nursery in Grimethorpe on Friday.I chatted to Nursery Manager Lucy about the COVID-secure measures they’ve put in place to keep people safe & some of the challenges they have faced over the last few months.I know how important the early years sector is to many local families & the difficulties it has faced.Please get in touch if you have any specific issues I can help with.

South Yorkshire Flooding Summit

I attended the South Yorkshire Flooding Summit.I raised the importance of local and regional input in funding decisions so that money goes to where it's needed as well as the lack of affordable flood insurance.This follows a speech I made in Parliament this week.

Questioning the Government on access to justice

The majority of Barnsley court cases are being sent to Sheffield.I demanded answers from the Government on its mishandling of our justice system and asked what's the plan to deal with the backlog in cases.Too many witnesses and victims are being lost due to distance and delays.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Update on Post Office services in Hoyland and Darfield

Local post office services are important for residents in our community. I have been pushing for services to be restored in Hoyland and Darfield since their branches closed last year.The Post Office have informed me that a retailer in Hoyland has successfully passed the recruitment process to incorporate a Post Office into their existing retail business.However, due to the effects of COVID-19 on retail businesses and the challenges this has created for the High Street generally, the Post Office have had to pause some incomplete branch projects that are currently underway while they assess the impact of COVID-19. They are currently working to secure funding to resume these projects.In Darfield, the Post Office have informed me that the branch was closed in November 2019 for operational reasons. There were plans in place to reopen the branch, but this was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, the previous postmaster has sold their business and the Post Office contract with them was therefore terminated. The new owners of the business are interested in taking on the Post Office alongside the retail business they have purchased, and are in the very early stages of applying to provide Post Office services. If their application is successful, the Post Office have stated that they hope to be able to restore services to the community in Darfield as soon as possible, although they weren’t able to provide a definite timeline for this. I will continue to push the Post Office to restore services in Hoyland and Darfield as soon as possible, and I will make sure I keep local residents updated on any further progress.

Questioning the Government on the Minimum Wage Naming Scheme

Last year, I had an urgent question in Parliament on the Government's suspension of the National Minimum Wage naming scheme.It's still not up and running.I asked Paul Scully when his Government will finally restart the scheme & name employers who break national minimum wage law.Following my question, I’ve written to him asking for an exact date.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Questioning the Government on the A Level results scandal

Barnsley students are owed an apology from the Government over the A Level results scandal.In Parliament, I demanded an answer on why 60% of Barnsley College pupils had their grades downgraded compared to 40% nationally, and asked what the Government is doing to ensure it never happens again.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Visiting New Hall Farm in Ardsley

Good to visit New Hall Farm in Ardsley - spoke to Helen and David about the challenges faced by small farms and the importance of environmental sustainability in farming.And they very kindly gave me some honey!

Questioning the Government on the cancer screening backlog

3 million people are still waiting for postponed or cancelled cancer screening tests.In Parliament, I asked the Government what they are doing to deal with the backlog in cancer testing and pressed them on the Government's plan to get life-saving cancer treatments up and running.You can watch my question in Parliament here.

Supporting the Macmillan Coffee Morning

For the last 2 yrs, I've taken part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning.Cancer can affect people's whole lives.I'm proud to support Macmillan Cancer Support and everything they do to help people find their best way through cancer diagnosis and treatment.More info: