Meeting Barnsley Hospital

I had a productive remote meeting with the Chair, CEO and Director of Comms for Barnsley Hospital.We discussed the challenges the Hospital is facing during the coronavirus outbreak, the importance of ensuring staff have appropriate PPE, and measures to support staff with their physical and mental wellbeing during this difficult time.I will continue to work with the Hospital to support them and our hardworking NHS staff through this unprecedented crisis.

Celebrating St George's Day

Happy St George's Day to everyone.For parents and carers celebrating at home with kids click this link from English Heritage to find out how to make a cardboard shield.

Marking Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!We need to work together to look after our planet, aid our recovery from COVID-19 using green tech and invest in sustainable industries to create green jobs and save fragile ecosystems/animals on the verge of extinction.Our environment must be protected.

Becoming Shadow Minister for Flooding

Really pleased that the new Labour Leader Keir Starmer has asked me to serve as Shadow Minister for Flooding - proud to be joining the Labour Defra team working with Luke Pollard.Communities across the UK are badly affected by flooding. They need support now and long term investment in flood defences.Barnsley and communities across South Yorkshire have been hit hard in recent months by floods. I’ve been pushing the Government to take firm action on improving our region’s resilience to extreme weather events. I look forward to continue holding the Government to account in this role.

Memorial for David Jones and Joe Green

It was an honour to lay a wreath at the NUM memorial for David Jones and Joe Green, who sadly lost their lives on the picket line.We will continue to remember the devastating injustices of the strike and the brave miners who stood up for their community.Their spirit lives on.

Speaking on school uniforms

School uniform prices are spiralling out of control.Our community has so many generous people who donated to my School Uniforms Exchange last summer.I'm proud to support Mike Amesbury MP's Bill and I'll continue pushing for cheaper uniforms to help families who are struggling.You can watch my speech in Parliament here.

Calling for the proscription of the Order of Nine Angles

I joined Hope not Hate to deliver our important cross-party letter calling for the proscription of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), an organisation which promotes terrorism and sexual violence.Thank you to everyone who has given their support so far.I hope the Home Office takes action.

Funding for flood-affected communities

In the Budget this week, I am glad the Chancellor of the Exchequer has listened to my calls for urgent funding to help communities like Barnsley recover from this winter’s floods.I will keep pushing for long-term investment in flood defences to protect our homes and businesses.You can watch the Chancellor's comments in Parliament here.

Petition to save the Yorkshire Bank in Wombwell

Wombwell Labour are campaigning against the incredibly disappointing decision to close the Yorkshire Bank branch on Wombwell High Street.Local branches like this are so important for people in our community - sign our petition against these changes here.

Marking International Women's Day with the This Girl Can team

I joined the This Girl Can team to celebrate International Women's Day and discuss with Sport England how we can support women and girls' sporting activities in Barnsley.It doesn't matter what age, ability or experience you have, being active and healthy is what matters!Click here to find out more.