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    Violent Crime

    Violent crime in South Yorkshire has increased by 57% over the last year, and I brought this up in Parliament. Since 2010, South Yorkshire Police have lost around 600 frontline officers, with around 21,000 fewer nationally. Now, there isn’t just one simple reason for the huge increase in violent crime being seen here in South Yorkshire and across the country, particularly in the face of the incredible efforts of our police forces. But there is one common theme: savage Tory cuts that have created the conditions that allow violent crime to flourish.
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    Visiting Butterflies Dementia Support group

    This week is Dementia Action Week 2018, run by the Alzheimer’s Society to raise awareness and bring about positive change for those living with dementia and their carers.Ahead of Dementia Action Week, I popped in to Butterflies Dementia Support group as they prepared for their royal wedding party – it was great to see the support Butterflies provides for those living with dementia and their carers in Barnsley.
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