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    Signing the 'Dying to Work' Charter

    I’m proud to sign the TUC’s ‘Dying to Work’ charter, which sets out how terminally ill employees should be supported and protected in the workplace. Many people suffering from terminal illness will be unable to continue working, whilst others may choose not to. But those still capable and willing should be able to continue at work without the fear of being dismissed by unscrupulous employers, and the additional protections in the ‘Dying to Work’ charter will provide this.  
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    Raising Fly-Tipping in Parliament

    I raised the issue of fly-tipping in Barnsley in Parliament this week – a damaging criminal activity which has a huge environmental and financial cost on our community. It’s unacceptable that slashes to budgets by this Tory Government have hit local authorities hard, and overall actions taken against fly-tipping across the country have fallen. I took the opportunity to call for our local authorities to be provided with the resources to tackle fly-tipping, and the powers to take a zero-tolerance approach which will truly deter anybody from undertaking this harmful activity.  
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