Supporting UK Parliament Week 2018

UK Parliament Week (12-18th November) is a great opportunity to explore the role of Parliament in our democracy. Schools, community groups, uniformed organisations and faith groups can register an event and you’ll receive a special pack with bunting, pin badges, a UK Parliament Week placard, Votes for Women sash, a ballot box and an activity booklet. For more information, register here:

Working to tackle rural crime

Rural crime can have devastating impacts and I recognise that it's a very important issue for many local people in Barnsley. I raised the issue of rural crime in Parliament recently, and I fully support this new initiative by the NFU, and commend them for their ongoing work to tackle these serious issues. I am committed to working with the NFU in our efforts to tackle rural crime and begin to rid this blight on our countryside.

Visiting the National Citizen Service

The National Citizen Service is a three phase programme open to 15 to 17 year olds, and gives them an opportunity to plan a social action project for their local communities. It was great to pop in and see the social action projects being put together by the young people on the programme.

Visiting the Cudworth Tea in the Park gala

It was lovely to pop in to the Cudworth Tea in the Park family gala.I met a very large spider and played the tombola.Well done to everyone who helped organise the day.

Meeting tutors and students on the Northern College Free Thinking Programme

I popped in to Northern College to meet tutors and students on their pioneering Free Thinking Programme, which supports survivors of modern slavery. Having mentioned the course in Parliament and met the minister this week about the course, it was great to meet everyone on the course.

Sikh Memorial Book

I signed the Sikh Genocide Book of Remembrance to commemorate the 1984 Golden Temple Massacre, which saw 1000s of Sikhs murdered. I stand in solidarity with the British Sikh community and remember all of those killed.  

Attending Wombwell Operatic Society's 'Let's All Go To The Music Hall' show

I enjoyed the Wombwell Operatic Society’s performance of ‘Lets all go to the Music Hall’Big congrats to everyone involved!

Visiting Springwell Learning Community

It was lovely to visit Springwell Learning Community today to present awards as part of their Celebration of Progress and Achievement.A huge well done to all the pupils and staff.

Column: the NHS' Birthday

The following appeared as my column in the Barnsley Chronicle on 6th July: The NHS is arguably our country’s – and the Labour Party’s – greatest ever achievement. It’s based on a simple belief that no matter who you are, what you do, where you come from or what you can afford, no person here in the UK should go without basic healthcare. And yesterday, we celebrated our NHS’ 70th birthday. For seven decades now, our health service has provided care for millions of people, transforming the health of a nation in the aftermath of a devastating war, and becoming the envy of the world. It’s treated all manner of ailments; from polio to your winter cold. It’s helped people of all ages; from babies taking their first breaths, to comforting those taking their last. It’s provided each and every one of us with care, strength and expertise in difficult times. And it’s something we all should be proud of. What’s more, it’s the staff working in our hospitals, care homes, ambulances and right across our NHS who we should take this opportunity to say thank you to. Along with those that have spent their lives working in the NHS in the past – like my mum – they’re the lifeblood of our health service, and whenever I meet them I’m humbled by their skill, professionalism and dedication to helping others. But our NHS isn’t perfect. And over the last few years devastating cuts to budgets have seen fewer doctors, fewer nurses, fewer beds, longer waiting times, and hard-working staff badly let down in our hospitals. This year’s winter crisis, for instance, showed just how fragile our most beloved institution can be if it isn’t shown the same level of care and backing it has provided for us for so long. So let’s take this important moment to remember the 70 years of our NHS, but also look forward and ensure it can continue. On our NHS’ birthday, I renewed my commitment to defending our universal health service and ensuring it can continue providing vital help and care for those in need for many more years to come.

Attending Acorn Brewery's 15th birthday party

Happy Birthday to the Acorn Brewery in Wombwell.I popped in to their 15th birthday party this evening and tried half a pint of their England’s Dreaming.This is a great local business - here’s to another 15 years.