Stephanie calls on Home Secretary to proscribe murderous Nazi-occultist group

Full text of Stephanie's letter to the Home Secretary


Dear Home Secretary


I am writing to request a meeting to discuss the urgency of proscribing the Nazi-occultist group the Order of Nine Angles (O9A).


Along with HOPE not hate, the anti-fascist organisation whose parliamentary group I chair, I’ve been pressing the prescription review group to urgently assess the O9A threat and to bring forward the required parliamentary motion to proscribe O9A. 


I have raised this matter both in the House and publicly a number of times. The O9A pose a significant threat to the lives and security of families in Britain.


This morning, the BBC reported that the man who murdered Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman in Wembley had been influenced by a man closely associated with O9A. These brutal and savage murders were inspired by the killers interest in satanism - an ideology which is promoted by, O9A - as well as Neo-Nazism. 


This is not the first horrendous crime involving the O9A. This is a group that is promoting and praising terrorist attacks, especially attacks which involve sexual violence. Recently, a serving US soldier was indicted for conspiring with O9A supporters to launch a terror attack on his own unit. 


Proscription will send a clear message that we are united against their hate and violence, and it would provide the police and security services with additional powers to stop this vile group from organising - and potentially save further lives from being lost.


I do urge you to ensure that they are proscribed urgently and I look forward to your reply and the opportunity to discuss this matter with you soon. 


Yours sincerely

Stephanie Peacock MP

Image of Stephanie's letter to the Home Secretary on proscription of the O9A

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